Scalefit and Xsens Webinar

Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons is joining forces with Scalefit and Xsens on November 9th. In an upcoming webinar, we will show you how to measure, analyze, and optimize health and safety measures at your workplace.

Join us when Ari Tamari introduces Xsens, a leading company for 3D motion tracking based in California. Marvyn Rieger will show the Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons portfolio and technology. Last but not least Dr. Frank Emerich will present the real-life visualization of the workload with and without the help of exoskeletons. He represents Scalefit, a company that focuses on the systematic assessment of working conditions and an innovative approach to designing a comprehensive ergonomic workplace to increase all employees’ well-being and performance. Here we will present the motion files captured of wearing an Ottbock Bionic Exoskeleton with Xsens MVN Analyze to show the effects on the body.

Please sign up for the webinar on Nov. 9th, 2021 here