The Smallest Exoskeleton in the World

Paexo Thumb supports people who use their thumbs every day at work. The exoskeleton relieves the thumb end joints and the saddle joints. Wearing the Paexo Thumb exoskeleton relieves the thumb by distributing the forces in the entire hand and protects the tip of the thumb from mechanical influences.

The exoskeleton for the thumb.

The user automatically assumes an ergonomic hand position when clipping, plugging, and pressing during assembly. As a result, the Paexo Thumb can be used for more complex movements and worn under gloves. At the same time, it offers full freedom of movement for the thumb joints.

Relief for the Thumb

Paexo Thumb reduces the stress on your thumb joint by up to 70% by distributing the forces throughout the hand.

Perfect Fit

Thanks to the 7 available sizes, there is a suitable Paexo Thumb for almost every thumb. With the help of our trial set, you can easily find out which size you need.

Easy Handling

The Paexo Thumb is guaranteed to be suitable for everyday use because it can be put on and taken off quickly, has full freedom of movement for the thumb joint, and is easy to clean.

Paexo Thumb in action

The Paexo Thumb protects the thumb when clipping, sticking or pressing tasks. The thumb and saddle joints are protected by distributing the forces that act on the hand during these activities. Furthermore, the smallest exoskeleton in the world protects the thumb from mechanical influences.

  • Paexo Thumb exoskeleton
  • Paexo Thumb exoskeleton
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  • Paexo Thumb Exoskeleton

Fit for your Thumb

The biomechanical design of the Paexo Thumb allows full freedom of movement of the thumb joint. We offer you 7 different sizes in one test set so that you can identify the perfect fit for every thumb. Putting it on and taking it off is child’s play and takes just a few seconds. Cleaning is also quick and easy; simply wipe the Paexo Thumb with a damp cloth.

Thumbs up for the smallest exoskeleton in the world

“Paexo Thumb is intended for workers in automotive production: In the paint shop, they have to press dowels into the body with great force. Over the course of a shift, this puts a strain on both the tip of the thumb and the joints of the thumb.”

Using the Paexo Thumb

Are you interested in our Paexo Thumb? We have the following options for you:

Exoskeleton Basics Webinar

Enter the world of exoskeletons and work ergonomics and learn more about the development of exoskeletons in our introductory webinar “Exoskeletons for Industrial use cases.” We present the latest state-of-the-art in Ottobock technology and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Downloads for Paexo Thumb

Paexo Thumb Brochure

See the benefits of the Paexo Thumb at a glance. Quickly familiarize yourself with fit and use.

Paexo Thumb: Brochure

Frequently asked questions about Paexo Thumb

The Paexo Thumb is an exoskeleton and supports people who use their thumb every day at work. It relieves the thumb end and saddle joints and protects the thumb tip from mechanical impact, for example when clipping, plugging and plugging in assembly.

The Paexo Wrist is an exoskeleton from Ottobock, especially for the wrist. It relieves the muscles and tendons in the wrist, for example when working for long periods with riveting tools or drills and in assembly. 

There are currently six Paexo exoskeletons. The Paexo Shoulder, Paexo BackPaexo Thumb, Paexo Neck, Paexo Soft Back and Paexo Wrist.

Paexo Shoulder for overhead work

Paexo Back for the back when handling loads.

Paexo Thumb for the thumb joint

Paexo Neck for the neck

Paexo Soft Back to provide lower back support

Paexo Wrist for the wrist

Thanks to the special ergonomics of the Paexo Thumb, the user can support their thumb with the help of the index finger.

About one quarter (23.2%) of days missed because of inability to work in Germany are due to musculoskeletal disorders (data from 2013). And this figure increases with age: among people older than 55, it already accounts for more than 35%. In other words, the economic cost of musculoskeletal disorders is considerable (loss of gross value added: approx. EUR 20 billion, 2013 data) (see DGUV).

No, the Paexo Thumb provides relief and support for people. It improves ergonomics and can increase employee satisfaction, but it is not a performance-boosting exoskeleton.

The biomechanical design permits full freedom of movement in the thumb joint. Available in seven different sizes, there’s a perfect-fit Paexo Thumb for just about every thumb. Finding the right size is easy with the help of a trial set.

You can put on and take off the Paexo Thumb in just seconds, comparable to a thimble.