Paexo Soft Knee – The ergonomic knee pad insert

Paexo Soft Knee supports people who put their knees under daily load at work. The exoskeleton relieves the knee joint and the kneecaps. Wearing the Paexo Soft Knee exoskeleton relieves the knee by protecting it from hard surfaces.

The exoskeleton for your knee

When performing tasks involving the knees, such as screwing or assembly, the user automatically adopts a more comfortable squatting posture. The Paexo Soft Knee can be used for more complex tasks and can be worn underneath work trousers. At the same time, the robust materials offer long durability.

Extreme Durability

Through robust, orthopedic-grade materials.

Ergonomic Shape

Improved pressure distribution and additional protection of the shin.

Comfortable Fit

Adapts to the knee and fits 99% of work pants.

Paexo Soft Knee in use

Thanks to the sandwich technology of the materials used, the Paexo Soft Knee provides the perfect protection against hard surfaces or rough ground. Multiple layers provide the perfect fit and support for the knee while offering an ultra-soft inside layer.

Selected materials for your protection

Thanks to the breathable 3D mesh, your leg is better ventilated and ensures less sweating when wearing Paexo Soft Knee. In addition, the orthopedic soft foam adapts to your individual knee shape and offers additional support. The high-performance flex layers are soft and flexible and offer an improvement in durability.

The protective outer layer is hard and durable, so it offers maximum resilience on all surfaces.

Get your Paexo Soft Knee

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Downloads for the Paexo Soft Knee

Paexo Soft Knee Instruction Manual

See the advantages of the Paexo Soft Knee at a glance. Familiarise yourself quickly with the fit and use.

Paexo Soft Knee: Operations Manual


The Paexo Soft Knee is a knee pad for insertion into knee pockets of work pants. (Type 2 knee protection) It relieves pressure on the knees during kneeling activities, without having to be strapped to the knees.

The Paexo Soft Knee is certified according to DIN EN 14404:2010-05.

We have deliberately decided against knee pads with straps, as these increase the risk of knee problems due to prolonged kneeling.

See DIN EN 14404:2010-05: “If the knee protection is provided by knee pads held onto the legs with straps the problems are worse as these contribute to pressure restricting venous drainage.”

The knee pad has been certified to Level 1, which means it has been tested together with respective working pants for puncture resistance at a force of 100N.