Lower Spine Support

The Paexo Soft Back offers a high level of support for the lower back. It supports an ergonomic posture when standing and lifting lighter loads. It can be used, for example, in the logistics area for picking, handling lighter loads, and lifting packages.

Exoskeleton for standing activities

It also supports the lower spine during longer-standing assembly work. It can be easily combined with the Ottobock Shoulder.

Improves Posture

Supports upright posture when standing and promotes an ergonomic lifting posture.

Easy to Use

The Paexo Soft Back can be put on and taken off in a few seconds; 5 sizes ensure perfect adjustability.


Paexo Soft Back and Ottobock Shoulder can be combined to provide effective lower back relief.

Back Relief

This back support supports the load on your lower back. The back bandage thus ensures an ergonomic posture when lifting, holding, and standing. Furthermore, the back support works using its supporting structures. Therefore the Paexo Soft Back is indispensable for various activities in logistics. In addition, the biomechanical design of the waist belt allows full freedom of movement.

  • Ottobock Paexo Soft Back exoskeleton
  • Ottobock Paexo Soft Back exoskeleton
  • Ottobock Paexo Soft Back exoskeleton
  • Ottobock Paexo Soft Back exoskeleton

Donning and Doffing

For the optimal fit of the Paexo Soft Back, simply place the exoskeleton around your hips and close the wide strap with the velcro fastener. Then fasten the narrower strap over it. If necessary, as a final step, readjust the Paexo Soft Back using the narrower buckle.

Custom Fit

The Paexo Soft Back is available in sizes S-XXXL (circumference from 80cm-140cm) and, thanks to its easy handling, can be adjusted for all shapes of the lower back. The Paexo Soft Back can be worn under or above your clothes, but for hygienic reasons, it should not be worn directly on the skin.

Paexo Soft Back_Größentabelle

Paexo Soft Back noticeably relieves my back.

“In our day-to-day work, we constantly lift transport crates and move pallets. This means that we often bend over or work while crouching – Paexo Soft Back relieves my back noticeably. My experiences have been consistently positive.”

User Sascha Döring, Production Controler with Ottobock

Paexo Soft Back […] is very comfortable to wear.

“The Paexo Soft Back is wonderful and very comfortable to wear.
My back stays straight, I don’t sag anymore.”

H. Becker, Treppenstufen-Becker

Using Paexo Soft Back

Are you interested in a Paexo exoskeleton? Great! These are the next steps.

Exoskeleton Basics Webinar

Enter the world of exoskeletons and work ergonomics and learn more about the development of exoskeletons in our introductory webinar “Exoskeletons for Industrial use cases.” We present the latest state-of-the-art in Ottobock technology and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Downloads for Paexo Soft Back

Paexo Soft Back Brochure

See the benefits of the Paexo Soft Back at a glance. Quickly familiarize yourself with fit and use.

Paexo Soft Back: Brochure

Frequently asked questions about the Paexo Soft Back

Putting on and taking off is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

The period of use for the Paexo Soft Back is not limited.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact us by e-mail at industrials@ottobock.com.

The textiles in the Paexo Soft Back are washable.