Relief of the cervical spine

The Paexo Neck is a neck support that relieves the neck area and the cervical spine. Various adjustment options allow the shoulder and neck area to be customized for each user. This makes Paexo Neck very comfortable to wear. Paexo Neck can be worn for any type of overhead work, such as ceiling installations or visual inspections.

Can be combined with Ottobock Shoulder

Paexo Neck can be easily combined with the Ottobock Shoulder. The additional neck support provides extra protection for all work above the shoulder.

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The feather-light design of the Paexo Neck makes the exoskeleton very comfortable for users.

Easy handling

Easy to put on and take off within a few seconds, individually adjustable for different body sizes.


Paexo Neck can be easily combined with the Ottobock Shoulder to increase effective neck and shoulder relief.

Combinable and comfortable

The Paexo Neck can be worn in combination with the Ottobock Shoulder and independently. This exoskeleton is used for all work that takes place above the shoulder. Based on the principle of a hammock, users can simply lay their head back, and the head is supported. Through support structures, the device evenly distributes the weight of the head over the neck and shoulder area. The biomechanical design of the Paexo Neck preserves the wearer’s freedom of movement that movement is not restricted in any way.

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Possible applications

The Paexo Neck is used for all physical activities involving work above the shoulder area and above the head. For example, for any work below the car body, ceiling installations, and visual inspections.

Donning and Doffing

The Paexo Neck can be easily attached to the belt or the belt loop of the trousers. If it is worn together with the Ottobock Shoulder, it can be attached to the neck strap. The belt length is flexible and continuously adjustable. It can be easily adjusted with one hand. We have specially designed the Paexo Neck so that it can be adjusted individually and can also be varied quickly.

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“It works on the principle of a hammock.

The user can simply lay his head loosely back and is held in place.”

Dr. Sönke Rössing, Head of Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons

Using Paexo Neck

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