Cooling Bandage for your Upper Arm

As an application for the Ottobock Shoulder, we offer the Paexo Cool Sleeve for the warm months. In logistics, production, maintenance, and repair, the Paexo Cool Sleeve can be worn underneath the Ottobock Shoulder.

Activation is easy

The Paexo Cool Sleeve activates in seconds with cold water and offers cooling support. The special material stores the water for the entire time it is in use and can be reactivated at any time. Therefore you always stay comfortable even while working with an exoskeleton on.


The user-friendly design guarantees full freedom of movement and quick donning and doffing.


The ergonomic and the precise fit offers a high level of comfort.


Reduces the body temperature in the arm and shoulder areas.

Activated in Seconds

The Paexo Cool Sleeve offers activation in seconds using cold tap water. To do this, simply hold the Cool Sleeve evenly under running water and wait for the areas to darken. You can squeeze out the excess water. Then simply wrap the sleeve in a towel with firm pressure and air dry for a few minutes.

  • Paexo Cool Sleeve
Paexo Cool Sleeve

Recovery and Comfort

In a warm environment, the Paexo Cool Sleeve offers rapid regeneration of the upper arms thanks to the cooling of the arm and shoulder area. The cooling of up to 53°F lasts up to 10 hours. In combination with the Ottobock Shoulder, the dry and pleasant surface is a welcome refreshment in its area of ​​use.

Custom Fit

The Paexo Cool Sleeve is available in sizes M-XXL and, thanks to its easy handling, it is adjustable for all shapes of the upper arm. High humidity or airtight clothing can affect how it works. If necessary, pull off the Paexo Cool Sleeve for a few minutes. At the same time, the Paexo Cool Sleeve is washable (up to 86° F degrees without centrifugal function) for hygienic handling in the company.

Paexo Cool Sleeve

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