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The exoskeleton for the relief of the back

Ottobock Back was developed in collaboration with logistics experts and employees in warehousing and parcel distribution centers. The exoskeleton works according to a biomechanical principle: the load is taken off at the shoulder, like a backpack, and transferred to the thighs with the help of the exoskeleton’s support structure. The energy storage absorbs force when bending and releases it again when lifting. 

Ottobock Back provides significant support up to 55lbs 

The heart of the system is the purely mechanical clutch at hip level – a technological world’s first. It can differentiate between bending and walking and switches off automatically when walking to provide full freedom of movement. The degree of support can be continuously adjusted to the load of different work steps. 

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Ottobock Back

Ottobock Back Experience Package

Our assessment so far confirms the functionality and suitable use cases promised by the manufacturer. For 2021 we are planning additional tests with the exoskeletons, primarily to support our drivers when they unload at their destination sites, as well as for loading and unloading at our distribution centers.

BTSAlfredo Morganella, CEO, BTS Logistik GmbH

The introduction to the staff at the California Facility went really well. Everyone was fit with the device, trained how to use it. It was pretty simple instructions how to both get it positioned and secured on the body as well as how to engage the device.

CascadeJeff Collins, Cascade

“The support for testing the exoskeletons on our premises on the part of Ottobock ran smoothly and to our complete satisfaction.”

image: Frank drawingJochen Ackermann, Guido Tröster, FRANK Walz- und Schmiedetechnik GmbH

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  • Paexo Back exoskeletons logistics
  • Paexo Back exoskeleton logistics
  • Paexo Back exoskeleton
  • Paexo Back exoskeleton logistics
  • Back exoskeleton


The Ottobock Back noticeably relieves the lower back by up to 55 lbs by reducing the force in the chest and redirecting it into the thigh. Weighing less than 8 lbs., the Ottobock Back is very light and adjustable for every user.


The intuitive setting concept makes it easier to use. Once adjusted for the user, the Ottobock Back can be put on and taken off in just a few seconds. The lumbar pad has a stimulating effect on the lower muscles of the lower back. Furthermore, the Ottobock Back automatically recognizes between walking and lifting. The device is purely mechanical and guarantees the full freedom of movement.


Design Award 2021

Two products from Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons won this year’s renowned iF Design Award: The exoskeletons Ottobock Back and Paexo Neck impressed the international jury of experts with their innovative and user-friendly product design.

Your professional service for the Ottobock Back.

After 12 months of operation of your Ottobock Back, we require an inspection according to our specifications under the Machinery Directive for safe operation.
We offer the following service package.

All the basics for maintenance for your Ottobock Back

– Annual maintenance according to IFU (Manufacturer`s instructions for use)
– Anti-microbial basic sanitization
– Professional deep-cleaning of system, all paddings and textiles
– Exchange of spare parts showing wear and tear
– Upgrade of individual components to the latest version (if available); as needed, replacements also possible

$ 530
(Net price, EXW delivery to North America)

Detailed explanations of included services

  • Annual maintenance according to IFU
    • Visual and functional inspection on wear and tear or defects. An inspection plate is issued after maintenance has been completed (incl. indication of the next maintenance date).
  • Anti-microbial basic sanitization in hygiene chamber
    • The exoskeleton is hung into a special hygiene chamber and treated with disinfection agents for >20 min.
  • Professional deep-cleaning of system and all textiles
    • Deep cleaning and washing of entire system, paddings and textiles; in addition, strongly contaminated areas are systematically being treated with disinfection cloth to remove all dirt and stains.
  • Exchange of parts showing wear and tear
    • Parts showing wear and tear, like expander units or bars, are being replaced proactively, if necessary.
  • Exchange of parts showing wear and tear
    • Parts showing wear and tear, like expander units or bars, are being replaced proactively, if necessary.
  • Upgrade of individual components to the latest version (if available and compatible); replacements possible as needed
    • As needed, expendable parts, such as splints, clamp levers or expanders are being exchanged.

Exoskeleton Webinars

Step into the world of exoskeletons and work ergonomics. Learn more about the development of exoskeletons in our basic webinar “Exoskeletons for Industry.” We will present the latest Ottobock technology and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Ottobock Back marks a milestone…

“The market launch of Ottobock Back marks another milestone for Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons. The exoskeleton relieves the lumbar spine while lifting by up to 25 kilograms without restricting freedom of movement. Our goal was to develop a mechanical assistance system for warehouse workers that is at least as powerful as an exoskeleton with a power unit. And we succeeded with the Ottobock Back.”

Dr. Soenke Roessing, Head of Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons

Ottobock Back for Logistics

Workers in logistics facilities, such as parcel distribution centers, lift the equivalent weight of a Boeing 747 airplane over five workdays, on average, from carrying packages, crates and other objects on the job […] To address the issue of workplace injuries and enable companies to improve occupational health and safety, Ottobock today announced the company’s expansion in the U.S. with […] the availability of a wearable exoskeletal device called Ottobock Back.

Yahoo!, May 18, 2021

Studies and Downloads on Ottobock Back

The Ottobock Back supports employees, especially in the logistics sector, during classic picking activities or, for example, when loading and unloading a truck. The Ottobock Back exoskeleton works by relieving the lower back during lifting and carrying activities and is also the subject of research.

1. The Future of Injury Prevention in Logistics

In the aforementioned white paper, the Paexo Back and its effectiveness are examined using the AnyBody simulation software. The simulated task consisted of testers lifting a box weighing 22 lbs several times from the floor onto a table and placing it back on the floor. The simulation software calculated the forces acting on the lumbar spine of the human body when wearing the exoskeleton and without wearing the exoskeleton.
The results showed that when wearing the Paexo Back, there is a significant relief of the back. The compression pressure in the lumbar spine region L4/L5 was reduced from 2900 N without wearing the exoskeleton to 2293 N when wearing the exoskeleton.

Whitepaper: The Future of Injury Prevention in Logistics

Ottobock Back at a glance

Download the brochure on the innovative assistance system for ergonomic workplaces in logistics here.

Ottobock Back: Brochure

FAQ – Ottobock Back

The textiles of the Ottobock Back are removable, washable and reusable. The technique can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is possible to order a hygiene set for the replacement of the textiles.

The Ottobock Back is “Made in Germany” and was developed in Duderstadt.

In the care sector we are researching possible applications for Ottobock Back. We are not yet using it in this area. Nurses are exposed to an enormous strain on the spine, which can lead to serious diseases and injuries in the back. This is what we are researching and we will be happy to keep you up to date with the developments on our channels. The airport is a classic application for the Ottobock Back. Areas of application are baggage loading on the aircraft and processing in the airport. 

Our products are developed according to biomechanical principles. Two important issues are the application and transfer of forces and the interfaces on the body. The principle of force redirection is crucial for all our exoskeletons. Please have a look at the Ottobock Shoulder studies on our website to get an impression of our work.

No, the user does not get superpowers. The principle of our products is to support the user and thereby relieve the user. The Ottobock Back works in the area of the lower spine and produces a measurable positive relief effect when lifting heavy loads. When bending, energy is stored in the system and returned to the user as soon as the person straightens up again. The lower spinal column area is noticeably relieved up to 25 kg.

The opposite is the case. On the one hand, we see in many sectors, including logistics or warehouses at industrial companies, that automation approaches are interesting and are being tried out, but also often reach their limits. We don’t know what will happen in ten years time, but the acute question of relieving employees through personal measures is already arising today. In this respect, these measures are a means of maintaining the employment of people who work in such logistics processes. We are observing that people who have fallen ill return to the labour market in good health, but may not be able to return to where they were originally employed. That is where we start with our exoskeletons and there is a very good potential for Ottobock Back.

The commercialization of our exoskeleteons is a goal we have firmly in mind. The world of exoskeletons is new and exciting, and our extensive experience in industry, crafts and logistics will help us optimize the product for private use. We will be happy to keep you up to date on this.

Ottobock is a world market leader in the field of technical orthopaedics. Our exoskeletons for rehabilitation are already on the market, e.g. the C-Brace from orthotics. After all, exoskeletons are based on the functional principle of orthoses, a field in which Ottobock can already demonstrate more than 100 years of experience. Our Paexo products are increasingly focusing on prevention at a wide variety of workplaces.

There are different packages for the Ottobock Back. There will be a leasing offer as well as the possibility to buy. Customers and interested parties can choose from test packages of different sizes. In the course of these test packages, we accompany the introduction at the workstations and the evaluation of the use of Paexo Back. We would be happy to make you an offer. Please contact us using our contact form or by e-mail at

As of May 2020 you can use the Ottobock Back exoskeleton in your logistics processes. There are three different test packages, “Experience Basic”, “Experience Standard” and “Experience Analytics”. We support you from the introduction at the workplace to the organizational implementation and the evaluation of the results. If you would like an offer for one of the three test options, please contact us using our contact form.

Networking and the use of anonymised data are of great importance, because they can earlier identify risks arising from physically strenuous work. These are areas in which we are already doing research, and they will not only find their way into our products in ten years time. The functions also have an additional benefit for the user himself/herself, it can help the user to move more economically, to protect himself/herself against injuries or simply as a practical working aid.

The Ottobock Back is a passive exoskeleton, because the energy storage works without an external power source and therefore does not need to be charged.

After a period of familiarisation, putting on and taking off takes less than twenty seconds each.

All our products are designed to be used by both men and women. Especially the contact points of the products to the human body and in the biomechanical principle of action, they are designed in such a way that both men and women can wear our products and use them effectively.