Ottobock Shoulder

Usability, comfort and new accessories. Our “Best-Selling” exoskeleton for overhead work.

Starting from 2.900 €

Overhead work redefined

Ottobock Shoulder supports your arms during strenuous overhead work, while feeling like a natural extension of your body. Whether in logistics, manufacturing or maintenance, the Ottobock Shoulder can help your workers succeed in their work and have more energy for life. The Ottobock Shoulder is the successor of the very successful Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton

User-centered approach

The experience of thousands of shoulder exoskeleton users worldwide created the foundation for the Ottobock Shoulder’s unique usability, high comfort, and useful accessories


Biomechanical design guarantees full freedom of movement and fast donning and doffing in every situation.


The ergonomic waist belt, intuitive adjustments and a one-size-fits-all system guarantee high comfort.


Proven to reduce stress on shoulder muscles and joints by over 40%.

Energy Harvesting

“The Ottobock Shoulder absorbs potential energy from the user’s upper extremity and stores it in a spring and cable system. The device continuously releases this stored energy to reduce the effort required to raise the upper extremities. This storage and release of energy significantly relieves strain on muscles and joints, allowing over-the-shoulder activities to be performed comfortably. This innovative solution from Ottobock is a breakthrough for businesses as it both reduces injuries and increases productivity.”

Prof. Homayoon Kazerooni, Chief Scientist of Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley

Ottobock Shoulder

The Ottobock Shoulder is worn close to the body, similar to a backpack, and allows full freedom of movement. Like all Ottobock exoskeletons, it requires no external energy supply and functions purely mechanically.

  • Ottobock Shoulder
  • Ottobock Shoulder
  • Ottobock Shoulder
  • Ottobock Shoulder

Combinable in everyday work

Integrable neck support (Paexo Neck) to relieve the cervical spine, a fire rated Shoulder Jacket, a strap for tools or use it with a fall protection harness. Ottobock Shoulder offers solutions for many situations in everyday work.


The experience of several thousand users has been incorporated into the Ottobock Shoulder. The result: simple adjustment options that make it possible to put on the exoskeleton in less than 20 seconds. Its easy-to-clean surface as well as removable, washable textiles ensures a hygienic usage of the Ottobock Shoulder.

Request your personal Experience Package now and start your accompanied test phase.

Experience Basic

(for EU enquiries only)

2 Ottobock Shoulder Exoskeletons

2 week accompanied test phase

50% of the costs creditable

from 2.900 €

Experience Standard

4-6 Ottobock Shoulder Exoskeletons

4 weeks accompanied test phase

Costs credited towards larger purchase

on request

Experience Analytics

7-12 Ottobock Shoulder Exoskeletons

6 weeks accompanied test phase

Costs credited towards larger purchase

on request

Exoskeleton Basics Webinar

Enter the world of exoskeletons and work ergonomics and learn more about the development of exoskeletons in our introductory webinar “Exoskeletons for Industrial use cases.” We present the latest state-of-the-art in Ottobock technology and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly.

“Ottobock’s close support during the pilot phase helped us to identify the right workstations and make them more ergonomical with exoskeletons. Ottobock was a reliable partner during the introduction. Today our employees use exoskeletons on a daily basis in the goods inward department and the warehouse.”

AptivMarkus Nendwich , Aptiv Mobility Services Austria GmbH

The arms are practically supported in the air. I would not have thought that this device could provide so much support. The regular support level is sufficient in most cases. Only with heavy tools I imagine that the double support bands are needed in the long run. The comfort of wearing the Paexo Shoulder was found to be very pleasant and was described as ‘not noticeable’ after a short time. Even when sitting, the exoskeleton was perceived as comfortable.

RadatzEmployee Feedback, Raddatz Gebäudereinigung GmbH

Over the past three years the advances in exoskeleton development have been very noticable, and I’m particularly pleased to see the developers incorporating user feedback to make the devices lighter and simpler. I firmly expect these advances to continue in the future.

image: MoserStephen Moser, Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde GmbH

Your professional service for the Ottobock Shoulder.

After 12 months of operation of your Ottobock Shoulder, an inspection is required according to our specifications under the Machinery Directive for safe operation.

We offer the following service package.

All the basics for maintenance for your Ottobock Shoulder

– Annual maintenance according to IFU (Manufacturer`s instructions for use)
– Anti-microbial basic sanitization in hygiene chamber
– Professional deep-cleaning of system and all textiles
– Exchange of spare parts showing wear and tear
– Complete padding replacement
– Upgrade of the textile system to the latest version (if available)

(Net price, EXW delivery to North America)

Detailed explanations of included services

  • Annual maintenance according to IFU
    • Visual and functional inspection on wear and tear or defects. An inspection plate is issued after maintenance has been completed (incl. indication of the next maintenance date).
  • Anti-microbial basic sanitization in hygiene chamber
    • The exoskeleton is hung into a special hygiene chamber and treated with disinfection agents for >20 min.
  • Professional deep-cleaning of system and all textiles
    • Strongly contaminated areas are systematically being treated with disinfection cloth to remove all dirt and stains.
  • Exchange of parts showing wear and tear (excl. textiles)
    • Worn-out parts like the expander are being exchanged proactively. Textile units are excluded.
  • Complete padding replacement
    • All paddings are being replaced with reconditioned ones (as new).
  • Textile system upgrade to the latest version (if available)
    • There are regular updates and improvements to our textile systems.

Studies on Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons

The Ottobock Shoulder supports employees during strenuous activities in different industries, especially during overhead work. The exoskeleton is the subject of several simulated workplace studies to scientifically prove its effectiveness in reducing MSDs.

1. “Principle Study on Objective and Subjective Effects of a Passive Exoskeleton” (Journal IEEE)

In this study, various physical, physiological, and psychological parameters of 12 subjects are analyzed and compared while performing overhead tasks with and without the Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton. The assessment criteria used to evaluate the Paexo Shoulder measure both the objective and subjective effects on the users.

The study concludes, as one of its findings, that using the Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton significantly reduces anterior deltoid muscle activation by 55%, oxygen consumption by 33%, and heart rate by 19% (objective evaluation criteria). This indicates that the Paexo Shoulder efficiently reduces physical stress and fatigue.

Subjective evaluation criteria included task performance and the potential change in the user’s range of motion while wearing the exoskeleton. The study shows that wearing the Paexo Shoulder feels natural and unrestricted and has neither positive nor negative effects on mere work performance. Overall, the researchers rate the Paexo Shoulder as a promising solution to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the shoulder.

Study: Journal IEEE

2. Principle study on the effect of an industrial exoskeleton during overhead work (Journal Orthopädie Technik)

In this study, the Paexo Shoulder is objectively evaluated using metabolic and electromyographic parameters. Overhead work is simulated under laboratory conditions. The results of the simulation show that the user’s metabolic effort and the load on the shoulder region are significantly reduced. In particular, the deltoid muscle and the biceps brachii muscle show a significant reduction in terms of muscle fatigue when wearing the exoskeleton. The study also shows a reduction in the muscle fatigue value of the trapezius muscle, however, it is significantly lower than for the other two muscle parts.

Study: Journal Orthopädie Technik

The most frequently asked questions about our exoskeleton can be found here

If there is a functional limitation or injury in the shoulder/upper arm area, which is particularly important in the workplace or leads to a limitation in the execution of work, Paexo Shoulder can, under certain conditions, support or improve the range of movement of the person. The way to get a prescription and thus to have the costs for Paexo Shoulder covered by the health insurance company can be as follows:

The effectiveness and suitability in the specific case should first be evaluated by the attending physician or within the scope of rehabilitation therapy (written recommendation/final report) and can then be confirmed by the attending professional association physician in the form of positive expert opinion. After contacting your responsible professional association, a second opinion by a specialist doctor/orthopedist will probably be required. If the second opinion is positive and a prescription has been issued, you can then contact us directly so that we can clarify the assumption of costs via the Berufsgenossenschaft contact person based on the Berufsgenossenschaft damage number and original prescription and then send the system to you.

No, the Ottobock Shoulder relieves and supports the person. It improves ergonomics and can increase employee satisfaction, but it is not a performance-enhancing exoskeleton.

The Ottobock Shoulder can support the entire weight of the arms. It is also possible to take the weight off work equipment if necessary.

Ottobock Shoulder can be adapted to body heights from about 160 to 190 cm.

We recommend personal assignment of the exoskeleton. This is the only way to ensure optimal effectiveness of the Ottobock Shoulder. Furthermore, for hygienic reasons, it should not be passed on to another user. However, if the Ottobock Shoulder changes users in the long term, it can be easily converted and hygienically reprocessed.

The textiles of the Ottobock Shoulder are removable, washable and reusable. The technology can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is possible to order a hygiene set for replacing the textiles.

About a quarter (23.2%) of the days of incapacity to work in Germany are due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs, as of 2013). And this figure increases with age: among those over 55, they already account for more than 35%. MSDs thus cause considerable economic damage (loss of gross value added: approx. 20 billion euros, as of 2013). (cf. DGUV). There is a proven direct connection between overhead work and musculoskeletal disorders. The physical relief provided by exoskeletons can contribute to a reduction in work-related health hazards, downtime and accidents. Exoskeletons thus open up the possibility of making an important contribution to the preventive health maintenance of the workforce.

Exoskeleton Webinars

Enter the world of exoskeletons and work ergonomics and learn more about the development of exoskeletons in our basic webinar “Exoskeletons for Industry”. We will present the latest Ottobock technology and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly.