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An exoskeleton is a supporting structure worn on the body that relieves strain on the musculoskeletal system during specific activities. Paexo exoskeletons do not need an energy supply; their function is purely mechanical.

The prices for the Paexo exoskeletons vary.
We will gladly make you an offer that meets your requirements. Please contact us via contact form or send us an email:

The Paexo products permit full freedom of movement thanks to the biomechanical design. Thus you can sit down with the Paexo Shoulder or pick up fallen objects. Even low-lying drawers can be reached without restriction.

No, you still have to perform all movements yourself. The Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton for example merely reduces load peaks by redistributing loads. The smallest exoskeleton in the world, the Paexo Thumb, functions according to a similar mechanism. The load is diverted from the thumb joint to the wrist.

About one quarter (23.2%) of days missed because of inability to work in Germany are due to musculoskeletal disorders (data from 2013). This figure increases with age: among people older than 55, it already accounts for more than 35%. Thus the economic cost of musculoskeletal disorders is considerable (loss of gross value added: approx. EUR 20 billion, 2013 data), (see DGUV).

There is a proven, direct relationship between overhead work and musculoskeletal disorders. Physical relief provided by exoskeletons can contribute to reducing work-related health hazards, time away from work and accidents. An exoskeleton can therefore make a major contribution to preventive healthcare for employees.

We pay great attention to the sustainability of our products. An essential part of this is that all textiles can be cleaned. Most parts that can be affected by contamination are removable, washable and reusable. The technical parts can be wiped with a damp cloth. For all products there is the possibility to order hygiene sets for the exchange of textiles.

All our products are “Made in Germany” and developed in Duderstadt. The Paexo Shoulder is manufactured in Germany

There are currently six Paexo exoskeletons. The Paexo Shoulder, Paexo BackPaexo Thumb, Paexo Neck, Paexo Soft Back and Paexo Wrist.

Paexo Shoulder for overhead work

Paexo Back for the back when handling loads.

Paexo Thumb for the thumb joint

Paexo Neck for the neck

Paexo Soft Back to provide lower back support

Paexo Wrist for the wrist